White Castle As Stuffing For Thanksgiving Dinner… YEAH!

Thanksgiving is only a few days away so you might want to get started on those dishes. Thanks to a former White Castle employee, you can now enjoy the wholesomeness of a Thanksgiving Stuffing dish, with a White Castle twist. The secret ingredient is ten White Castle sliders.Heres what you need:10 White Castle Burgers (pickles removed)1 cup diced celery1 tsp ground sage1 tsp ground thyme1 tsp coarse ground black pepper cup of chicken brothShred the burgers into tiny bits and put them into a bowl with the diced celery, sage, thyme, and pepper. Mix it a few times, and add the chicken broth. Mix it some more, then stuff your stuffing into the turkey cavity right before you begin roasting it.

Source: http://foodbeast.com/content/2011/11/21/white-castles-thanksgiving-stuffing/

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