Golden Beer Cupcakes, with Beer and Bacon Frosting

So if a person who refuses to eat anything besides burgers and Gatorade likes my beer and bacon cupcakes, then you should try it too.I used this recipe for the golf ball cake pops from last week, but I know that some people like to stick to the original cupcake version as opposed to cake pops. I get it. I dig you. So, this works just peachy for Fathers day. He will love the fact that it has bacon and beer in it. And, yes, this is totally stereotyping. Dont care. Anyway, I like beer and bacon so if I was a dad I would want it. If I am a mom one day, I still want it. So just remember that for the future.This recipe is slightly different. For the Cake Pops, the frosting was more liquidy and the cake was more moist because I wanted a strong beer taste and it was all getting mixed together anyway. For the cupcakes, I made thicker frosting that would hold, and a cake that is still moist but not too moist so that it holds its shape.


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