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Golden Beer Cupcakes, with Beer and Bacon Frosting

So if a person who refuses to eat anything besides burgers and Gatorade likes my beer and bacon cupcakes, then you should try it too.I used this recipe for the golf ball cake pops from last week, but I know that some people like to stick to the original cupcake version as opposed to cake [...]

Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes

The other day the guys from contacted me in search for some barbecue bacon recipes. Of course I have plenty of great uses for bacon in a barbecue pit, but the longer I thought about it, the more I wanted to step it up a notch and clog a few arteries for those guys. [...]

Coconut Oil Fried Cinnamon Sugar and Ginger Plantains

Never had a plantain? Id describe it as a heartier banana that almost borders on the texture of a sweet potato, sliced and fried similarly.In fact, plantains are often used as the potato or pasta of the Caribbean because they are starchy.The way I prepared them was a little sweet from the cinnamon and sugar [...]

Spicy Eggnog Tiramisu

Layers of creamy eggnog-spiced whipped cream cover ladyfingers dipped in rich Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Spicy Eggnog. The scent alone from this dessert is enough to make your guests request dessert first. Serve it in a festive red dish, and you have got the capstone to your holiday meal! Source:

Peanut Butter Cheesecake Minis

As cheesecakes go, this filling is surprisingly good. The peanut butter cups are a nice little twist, but they certainly arent necessary. I think these would work well without them. Or, it would be fun to experiment with different things besides peanut butter cups. Chocolate chips, toasted nuts, caramel bits, etc. My brain and appetite [...]

Picadillo Empanadas

Picadillo Empanadas Going window shopping through my food albums this morning. I would really like a couple of these… Real breakfast? I have no idea yet. Good Saturday morning, peeps. What’s eatin’?

Snowball Cookies

These Snowballs are easy to whip up and definitely make an impact on any cookie platter. Whats cuter than little snowballs in a festive miniature liners?These cookies may look familiar to you because Im fairly certain this holiday cookie classic goes by several aliases Mexican Wedding Cookies, Russian Tea Cakes, but theyve always been and [...]

Subway Offering $2 Subs For the Month of December

Subway, the worlds largest sandwich chain will announce their plans for a $2, six-inch sub sandwich promotion that will span the entire month. Just when you thought they couldntout-duethemselves with their industry-busting $5 foot-long sub promotions, theyre taking it a step further during a month thats typically slower not only for Subway, but for a [...]

Free Counter Culture Coffee Subscription

We’re big fans of Counter Culture and are excited to give away this three-month coffee club subscription. Winners will enjoy one 12-ounce bag of two seasonal, fresh-roasted coffees delivered directly to the door for three months (two bags per month).The coffee subscriptions might include single-origin coffees such as Finca Mauritania, La Golondrina, and the Good [...]

Bacon Cocktail Weenies

This is my most requested recipe for parties. Everyone is always stunned at how simple the ingredients are. If you are serving a large number of people, you may want to double the recipe, I have seen folks stumble over each other to reach the last weenie on the platter! Source:

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